Creditsights internship

January 31, 2019

Job: Internship

Location: 2 Park Avenue, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10016

Contact: Alex Pappas, HR Director

Position: Research Analyst

Hours: Full Time on site

We are looking for students with extensive coursework in finance and economics to work with an industry group (Banks, Telco, TMT, Oil/Gas, etc…), to gain real-life experience analyzing companies, industry trends and corporate bond relative value.


• Conducting research across a variety of topics in the broader industrial space and subsequently authoring/contributing to written deliverables ranging from macro-based content to company-specific reports.

• Creation and maintenance of excel models for our coverage universe in order to facilitate the provision of written deliverables, presentations, as well as in-depth company analysis.

• Exposure to and training in conducting comprehensive capital structure and relative value analysis within both the investment grade and high yield spaces.

• An opportunity to interact with clients in order to better inform them of our relative value theses and recommendations regarding market positioning via email, phone, and in person.

Company Description:

CreditSights is the leading independent research provider. Our mission is to provide value added input that helps our clients make prudent and profitable investment and risk management decisions consistent with their risk profiles. CreditSights is purely a research firm and does not underwrite securities or manage assets. Our active coverage universe includes 950 of the most widely-traded names in the US and European markets across 40 industries and 7 broadly-defined sectors. We produce over 300 research reports a month and our archives contain over 170,000 articles. Our 950 institutional clients are based in the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia; over 7,400 investment professionals and risk managers within these organizations are regular readers of our research. Our global institutional client base includes banks, investment advisors, mutual funds, pension managers, insurance companies, hedge funds, private equity investors, and corporations. For additional information, please visit: